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Louise Rodriguez
by moyairo on 29 May 2020

A bunch of Witches made for the 2019 Inktober challenge, as well as some personnal thoughts of my improvement during this challenge :).

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Witch Collection

Here's a bunch of Witches made during the Inktober challenge in 2019. I'm a very big fan of the witch's culture and love to create new ones within different universes! 

I wanted to practice my painting skill on photoshop, as well as design skills. Most of them are inspired from cultures I like.

It was also very interesting to learn new ones, such as the african mask culture that I learned in order to make the Solar Witch :

But like many artists, I, this year again, fell right on Inktober's struggle. Inktober may seem a funny challenge, it's actually a very hard one to keep on. 

After falling behind a bit, I decided to make a serie of 5 witches in another style which was easier and quicker to make.

Falling behind on this challenge, I decided to optimize a day of work with these 5 witches. I wanted to draw interesting yet really stylized characters. It was pretty interesting to work with shapes instead of thinking of details and detailed anatomy.

That aside, after doing some cartoonized witches came the Magical School Girl witchtober theme. I've always ben a fan of magical school girl animes, so I decided to draw something in an anime style this time. 

Sadly, at this point of the game, I was pretty tired and unsatisfied of what I was doing, I still now see lots of mistakes and uncleaned parts. 

Here's a few witches I haven't really liked, but were still interesting to make. The first one was inspired from the infamous game League Of Legends.

Here's a few starting concepts of the second witch listed, Oracle Witch.

I wanted at first to make fullbody/thighs up semi-realistic and detailed characters each days, but I guess my eyes where bigger than my stomach. It was very difficult to keep on this initial goal with the current level I had back then.

At some point I just drew anything depending on the mood I was. Here's a Pixie Witch, inspired from Dofus characters Eniripsa.

In conclusion,

Inktober's challenge was pretty hard, but still very enriching. I learned a lot with the few witches I made, I had a better understanding about my ways of working, what I enjoy more and the value of warming up before jumping in a concept.

Even if I endured some hardship with this challenge, I do think I was able to improve and very happy of all the witches I made, regardless of that I didn't participate till the end. 

I hope that the next Inktober will be as interesting !

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