Candy Blast

Candy Blast

Seow Yong Khin
by yongkhin on 19 Mar 2019

A parody matte painting of Candy Crush inspired by Sugar Rush from the movie 'Wreck-It Ralph'.

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My planning process

A matte painting assignment. Instead of doing a realistic environment like buildings interior or exterior, I decided to try something fun and surreal. Candy, lollipop, chocolate, ice cream and other sweet treats attracts people with sweet tooth and using creative ways to design a world using these food is super fun especially when you imagine yourself in it. 

I want to make it a puzzle game to make it more interesting like Candy Crush. Because of copyright reason, I changed the game name into Candy Blast. So now its like a parody. 

I start by doing some compositions sketches.

After choosing the composition that I like most, which is the 1st one, I develop it to final rendering. The whole painting process is not hard so I guess the challenging part is to resist eating while looking at many delicious references

Process view

Final outcome

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