illusion of curvilinear ──  retail design

illusion of curvilinear ── retail design

Cindy Ngui Xin Yu
by cindynxy on 27 May 2020

to design a luxury boutique for Emilio Pucci with the concept of “illusion of curvilinear”.

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The initial idea of the concept is derived from Emilio Pucci’s design philosophy; that is, unique pattern prints.

Emilio Pucci intends to liberate women, granting them unprecedented freedom of movement. Emilio Pucci’s design features rhythmic free-flowing lines which follows the natural curves of the human body. Additionally, the usage of vibrant hues in his design reflects the beauty of nature, so as the pattern prints in his collection.

‘Illusion of Curvilinear’ is a design concept developed from Emilio Pucci’s notable inspiration by nature. From a visual sense, the retail utilizes camouflage techniques to trick users from noticing. When it comes to the proposed design, camouflage is applied as an optical illusion for Emilio Pucci’s retail boutique.

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