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Your best nightmare - Undertale boss fight reimagination

Your best nightmare - Undertale boss fight reimagination

by kaldrin on 24 May 2020

Having been astonished by how great of a game Undertale was to me, especially loving the boss fights and what they mean to the game's story, I wanted to make art of them and what they made me feel with my own style to give a unique vision of them and contribute to all the fan arts of this game while standing out.

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So I started with the boss fight with Omega Flowey

Animated version made for my showreel

I'm really proud of this one, I tried to add a glimpse of the contrast Omega Flowey struck the players with as it is made with realistic images unlike the rest of the game, so Frisk and the souls are here in a more semi realistic / stylized style, but the rest and Flowey are realistic.

The point of view and the size of Flowey as well as its disgusting design work very well in my opinion, with the road with its depth that Frisks has to walk to to get the souls that will help them.

You can also find it on my ArtStation

Thanks for checking my project!

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it ;)

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