Young lynx on a tree

Young lynx on a tree

Maëlle Gressé-Denois
by maellegdart on 22 May 2020

~~SCHOOL PROJECT~~ I DID ALL THE ASPECTS OF THIS PROJECT First step : concept art of a fluffy animal. I chose the lynx and made a cartoon look of it. 2nd step : sculpting and modeling, respect of the edge flow 3rd step : posing 4th step : grooming 5th step : shading * from February to May 2020 *

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~ Animal ~

This project was the final one of the year and it was on FUR. I chose an animal I'm close to (the lynx) which I had to cartoon a bit. The modeling was done once again on Autodesk Maya. The posing required a simple rig, also done on Maya. The grooming has been realized with xGen, the shading with Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop. The rendering had been done with Pixar Renderman. Finally, the backgrounds have been added with Photoshop.

From the concept art to the final render : four months.

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