Weekly Drill #007 Survivalgear: Flare Gun

Weekly Drill #007 Survivalgear: Flare Gun

Leon Stürmer
by leonstuermer on 22 May 2020

Model of a flare gun created for the seventh weekly drill.

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"A flare gun, also known as a Very pistol or signal pistol, is a large-bore handgun that discharges flares. The flare gun is used to create illumination for improved vision or as a distress signal. A flare gun can be used as a deadly weapon; however, that is not its intended function."

For this week's drill, I modeled and textured a 12 gauge flare gun. I chose this as my project because of its simple design which made it a perfect candidate for a week-long task and because of its many possibilities of application in a survival setting.

I used Maya for modeling and Substance Painter for texturing and created the final render with Arnold.

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