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B24 Texturing / Look Dev

B24 Texturing / Look Dev

Indy Taen
by indy on 16 May 2020

Art test from a studio I was applying to. They handed me the model and a youtube link to Rodeo Studio's breakdown of their own B24 for the film Dunkirk. First time working UDIM's between Maya and Substance Painter. It was definitely a great learning experience and I really love how simple it was to set up!

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I was given a texturing / look dev art test.
B24 Model given to me by Film Tailor Studios.

UDIM Workflow setup between SP and Maya.

Textured completely in SP / photoshop (bit of map tweaking at the end to fix some things) and then exported to Arnold for Final Turntable Render.

Logos / awards based on the "Star Dust" B24J Liberator.

Look Dev based on Rodeo Studios's breakdown of their own B24 for the film Dunkirk.

Final lookdev hand in.
Rendered in Arnold
UDIM workflow between Maya - Substance Painter. 

These Renders below are Arnold Renders

Substance Painter IRay renders for comparison!

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