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Relictus: Environment & Level Art

Relictus: Environment & Level Art

Regina V. Esteva
by regin on 15 May 2020

For this portfolio piece, I had the honour of working with my friends in school as Environment Lead & Production Assistant to make "Relictus", a psychological horror game demo. I also collaborated as an Environment & Level Artist.

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We had 8 weeks to complete this project and make it into a fully playable demo. As Environment Lead, I coordinated the Environment Team which was responsible for everything in the game regarding the world itself: architecture and structures, props, foliage, terrain, lighting & level art. As an Environment Artist, I was also involved in creating all types of assets, textures and materials throughout our production pipeline (like the foliage, exterior ruins, some smaller props and ground materials). I also did the level art and set dressing of our exterior and final level. This was an incredible process and a learning experience. The people who weren't making the environment created the characters, animations, VFX and tech.

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