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The Battle Valkyrie Róta

The Battle Valkyrie Róta

Steffen Salte H
by steffensh on 11 May 2020

This is my final major project for university! I really love the Vikings (being a Norwegian and all) and the Norse mythology. I really loved to deep dive into the different aspects of creating this character, from mythology, armor, runes/symbols, feathers and anatomy!

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The Battle Valkyrie Róta

Róta - 'She who causes turmoil'.

She is based on a raven and the early theories that Valkyries were "Demons of Death", but not quite as grim. She is quite rebellious and drinks the beer from her drinking horn herself instead of offering it to the dead Vikings. She looks forward and wants Ragnarök to happen because she enjoys war and chaos!

Work In Progress and Workflow breakdown.

High poly sculpt.

Some details and missing subtools. I used a technique where I only do high poly detail on 1 subtool and bake from that and copy/mirror it to save UV space and time, focusing efficiency!

Substance Painter, low poly bakes and texturing.

I had the whole character in 1 project and tried having the objects not overlap so I could texture them more easily. One of the drawbacks doing it this way is that the baked AO is not very accurate so I had to spend some time texturing that in by hand.

Iteration on the wings and silhouette exploring.

Marvelous Designer clothes.

I made some clothes in MD as a base, added detail and refined them in Zbrush. I retopologized them in Zbrush as well and cleaned them up in 3dsMax.

I had a huge PureRef canvas with all my references, moodboard and inspirations! I put everything I think I might need and gather along the way, super handy software!

Face iterations!

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