Ant Rider
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Ant Rider

Nora Ziad
by nora on 8 May 2020

A little fantasy ant rider with a hint of solar-punk. I wanted a low poly look and vied off course. It's a project in progress, so more to come!

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Update - 9 May 2020

Made new packs in a new style and un-subdivided every mesh that was too complex. I think my rider needs a better outfit and the necklace ought to be scrapped. It's just too flashy!

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Update - 8 May 2020

I started a low poly project of a little ant rider, probably going across some fantasy desert. As you can see, I failed pretty hard at the low poly aesthetic! I'll try and correct that soon.

Everything is done in blender. The initial work had a nice low poly feel to it though. I went wrong when I started decking out my little fantasy Tuareg in more jewels than she should have had for this project :

I had only used shrink wrap modifiers to put text on to book pages before this, so making the gold attachment part of this style of necklace was a trial by fire when it came to that modifier. I find the jewels set on that white low poly model to look so dashing... I'd almost leave it at that and enter some props competition with them!! Even if it took me way off the low poly course I originally had in mind it was a great learning experience.

I made the hair and the headscarf using paths and curves, and it is a very, very gratifying technique. I've been thinking about using it for some clothes, because the physics area sort of makes me want to plug my eyes out.

In the end I went for the good ol' fantasy favourite of white hair against tan skin.

In the end, things got even further out of hand as I added packs, shaded smooth and used PBR textures. I tried smoothing out the ant itself to see if this would be a viable look.

In the end, I don't think it will work. I've split my save files and am working towards taking things back down to a simpler low-poly design.

I'll update on that next time!!