A Fish is your boss

A Fish is your boss

Deborah Ling Siew Chern
by debling on 9 May 2020

Some fun projects!

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He is about to have lunch in the office break room

This is the concept art process. I made some changes in the final model such as making the gills movable and the fins longer. I also made his shoes a clasp on style so that it would be easier for him to put them on without fingers. 

This is John

This is the topology before smoothing. Characters were rigged by Gellissa Loh. 

This is the concept art process. He is a tired and jaded working adult who has not been promoted in many years.

This is the office lunch room

This is the topology before smoothing. 

Below are some other projects in a different world from the fish and John. 

This is a fun fan art I did of toothless. (Not related to the world of the fish and John)

Responsible for the Hair and rigs  (Animation by Gelissa Loh, Model by Aurelia Ong, Compositor Didi Rohaidi). 

Responsible for Concept, Model, Texture of buildings on screen left. This is an environment work I did in collaboration with Lebelle Tan.  Compositing by Didi Rohaidi.  I took inspiration from Colonial buildings in Singapore, Cyberpunk and European architecture. 

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