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Vertical Housing

Vertical Housing

Sohail Amin
by sohailamin on 12 May 2020

This was my 3rd-year architecture studio project in Auckland, New Zealand. The brief was to design a house for a family that could be sublet. The reason for such an approach was to tackle the housing problems in NZ due to the increase in demands.

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What is 'Vertical Housing'?

This housing method focuses on accommodating more people on a smaller piece of land, where the development is compact with a high density of individuals. 

Having just one single unit was not looking appealing to me, so I decided to have multiples of it and made it look like a terraced housing. This efficient design method is space-saving, without compromising privacy, natural light, and cross ventilation.

The process

Initially, I made just one model on Revit and then exported it to SketchUp for further detailing. I made six copies of that Revit model in Sketchup and assigned colors to different categories. This made it easier to apply materials while rendering in Twinmotion.

I believe a design looks even better when some greenery is added to it. So, I decided to have a park in front of my vertical houses, which not only creates a pleasant urban space but also has health benefits, forms a wider social community, and a fresh atmosphere around us.

Design elements

The house consists of two units. The main unit has a semi-basement (with an office and a hall), a main living area, a dining space, 4 bedrooms, and a backyard. The second unit is for tenants with one bedroom, hall, and a kitchen.  

Since the house is north facing, it was important to have some shading to avoid overheating in the internal spaces. So, I designed the pergolas for windows which could filter natural light without losing the outside views. Wood is an easy and very popular construction material that enhances the beauty of any building.

Semi basement

My thought behind this design approach was to have such a space where I could have social gatherings, where it makes people feel close to nature. The broad window ledge allows enough space to sit, relax, and enjoy the outside view.

Along with designing, I very much admire the interiors that magnify the overall beauty of a space. So, I made sure that all the colors co-relate with each other without losing the aesthetic value to it.


Having a pool is a must-have requirement for every family. I am a lover of having pergolas which looks very elegant for any external space. I like to have a bridge-like structure which here,  gives a sense of crossing a lake or a river. 

Model and material selections

All the models were downloaded from Twinmotion, SketchUp, CG traders, Turbosquid, and bim object.

Materials were downloaded from Quixel Megascan, Quixel Mixer, and Twinmotion library.

Some inspirations

This design feels very special to me because of the kind of spaces it provides for relaxing and family gatherings, harmony in the interior elements, and recreational purposes. 

I will keep going to improve my design and visualization skills by learning the Unreal Engine and 3ds max. I am also very passionate about furniture design. 

Thank you for looking into my work.

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