Kurast Docks

Kurast Docks

by tonidorotic on 7 May 2020

This project was a part of my Environment Artist Bootcamp at Vertex School in 2019 and a first attempt at creating a full game environment. Also as a big fan of the game, I wanted to give a different point of view on the game environment and still maintain the dark and gritty look of the awesome game that is Diablo 2.

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Diablo 2 in Unreal Engine

Act 3 - Kurast Docks

I'm happy to finally share this with you guys. It took me a long time to get here.

This has been a project of mine at Vertex school, an online Bootcamp for 3d artists. A big thank you for everyone there for all the help and guidance. 

I hoped that the diablo franchise would go in a different direction like warcraft did form RTS to MMO, so my idea was to do a remake of a diablo environment for a game that was not ARPG Isometric view but something else that shows the world more up close. I modeled and textured everything in the scene except the water which comes from the epic marketplace. My biggest challenge was to capture the dark gritty mood of diablo and give it a bit more realistic look to it. The lighting was the hardest part and one of the things I spent the most time on. 

 This is what I imagined, and I hope you guys like it.

You can see more of this post at my artstation profile /tonidorotic

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