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AUDI Q8 2019 - Lookdevelopment & Post processing

AUDI Q8 2019 - Lookdevelopment & Post processing

Reiss Walker
by reiss on 1 May 2020

Here is a 3D renderd scene displaying an Audi Q8 sitting ontop of a parking garage. I am responsible for all aspects except the car model

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AUDI Q8 2019 - Lookdevelopment & post processing

Final image 

I really like how the final image came out, with bringing the different passes together in Photoshop I was able to comp them together to accurately achieve photorealism. I did this by controling the skylight blow out and also the darker areas where detail is still present. Then using the cryptomatte I specifically edited areas which needed a little extra bit off attention and finally I choose an effective LUT which best helps the image pop with sprucing up the colours slightly but at the same time making the Audi fit into the backplate.

Passes breakdown

Scene setup

This is my scene setup. Here we have the Audi sitting on the mesh which has the backdrop image projected onto it, this achieves accurate reflections on the car. I also have an 8K HDRI setup to get reflections on the car that are out of the backdrop view and for the shadow of the car to be correct.

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