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Blair Morgan, The Flamboyant Renegade Raider

Blair Morgan, The Flamboyant Renegade Raider

Aaron Rugama García
by aaronrugama on 6 Apr 2020

Blair Morgan is a fanart/design character made for my Blizzard Internship submision! PLAY AS BLAIR NOW! An entire game ready character that you could play with, along all his mechanics, background and storytelling, while also making it fit into the Overwatch universe.

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As many of you, I've always loved Blizzard. That's why I wanted to apply since I started studying.

Finally, after last year, I started talking to Blizzterns and they motivated me to move on and create something as amazing as Blair, a full game-ready character based in Overwatch!

I began this proyect last christmas. And obviously it has been a difficult job, but thanks to all the people who have supported me I have been able to develop Blair in my spare time, surviving college and work.

Thanks to everyone! Especially my family and my partner, who have supported me throughout the process.

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