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A Recreation of Lara Croft

A Recreation of Lara Croft

Joseph Liu
by airoamer on 30 Mar 2020

Please. enjoy this piece.

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Hello everyone, This was my full character project - a recreation of Lara Croft as my Final Project at Think Tank Training Centre during 2019. (Guess I'm the first Chinese student there, LOL) I tried to push this project as much as I could in 6 months and it's never enough. Actually, the more I work on this piece, the more I think I can improve it.

I want to thank everybody who has helped me in the project and my life in Vancouver, I want to give special thanks to Li Hanwei, my fiancee, as well as Marcel Gorri and Jay Cudal, who are my best friends and helped me the most.

I hope you can enjoy this piece and say, that's Lara Croft! not somebody else :) Make sure to check out all the demoreel videos I had for this project and click like and recommend to your friend! Surely I will keep working and improve more. CG is fun and I expect more. 

Have a very nice day. And take care of yourself, stay away from the Covid-19 virus. God bless us.

In a limited time budget, I used a lot of dirt, blood and wet area to break up the whole body and try to merge everything together.

Boots and pick axe as the hero assets from this project.

I want to tell some story from her pieces of equipment, such as the necklace and walkie-talkie. I want to show how hard she travels.

Followings are my demoreel for the hero assets and the whole project. Enjoy!

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