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Temple RBD Destruction

Temple RBD Destruction

Mattia Rodini
by mattiarodini on 27 Mar 2020

Here is a RBD shot I worked on for my demo reel.

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Here is an RBD shot I worked on for my demo reel.

I started sculpting the mountain from a base model in Blender 2.8 and rebuilt a KitBash3d Temple model using VDBs to make it "destruction ready."

The mountain is fractured using a combination of boolean fractures and RBD Material Fracture. The simulation is driven by a simple active attribute transfer.

The temple is divided into 5 different elements; each one of them is fractured separately and has his own constraint network set up for both clusters and pieces with variations in the strength done in VOPs.

The cached mountain fracture simulation is then used to drive the temple destruction simulation.

Dust and smoke are sourced and simulated from each different fracture level.

(Everything done in Houdini except sculpting of the mountain)

I'll probably get back to it in the future as I would like to add more interior and edge detail for each piece and possibly a bit more complexity overall.

C&C welcome!

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