Let's Pretend!
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Let's Pretend!

Jessica Edge
by jessicaedge on 17 Mar 2020

Let's Pretend! is an animated music video Directed and Animated by Jessica Edge as part of the University of Technology, Sydney's B. Design in Animation (Honours). It was made in 2019 but finished in 2020 and is currently looking for a global premiere.

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Update - 17 Mar 2020

Let's Pretend! 

2D animation, mixed media, music video (2:46)

Directed by Jessica Edge

Music by Michael Philip Reed (YouTube - Spotify)


Life is perfect for this three-year-old boy; he loves his mother so much. But - what? She’s having another baby? Will Mum ever have time for him again? Adapting to the new arrival will be tough for Boy, but eventually worthwhile.

Let’s Pretend! is an animated music video directed and animated by Jessica Edge. It is a student film made in 2019 (finished in 2020) as part of the Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Animation at University of Technology, Sydney.

It was made using a mix of hand-drawn crayon stop-motion frames and 2D computer hybrid techniques. It is currently looking for a global premiere. 

Director’s Statement:

This animation explores the relationship between a young boy and his pregnant Mum. Jessica is influenced by her own experiences growing up as a big sister, and her love of drawing from a young age.

What starts as a brightly coloured celebration of childhood creativity using crayon drawings soon becomes a fast paced imaginative story told from the perspective of a three year old child.

As characters begin to learn how to get along, the viewer is hopefully reminded of cherished memories of loved ones.

For the password please drop me line on [email protected] x

Download the Making Of zine at superredhead.com/pretend

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