Beach Evacuation
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Beach Evacuation

by mattcolemann on 15 Mar 2020

*Ongoing* Final Project at university. Evacuation of the beach, based on Dunkirk. Creating a 3D pier inside of 3DS Max and compositing that into the original footage. Cleaning up the beach to get rid of all the people as they kill the look I'm going for. I will then use the Adobe suite for the 3D characters.

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Update - 15 Mar 2020

Beach Evacuation Cleanup - Part One

Made a start on the cleanup work on the beachfront and in the ocean. There are areas such as the reflections of the people who have been cut out which needs addressing and also there are still people in the background that I just haven't gotten round to finish yet. I hope to have all of this completed by 19th March at the latest.

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