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Professional Boxing Ring 3D Model
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Professional Boxing Ring 3D Model

by jakwalker on 14 Mar 2020

An attempt of recreating a 3D model of a professional boxing ring which is used around the world. Whilst texturing, I will base my model of the one used by Sky Sports Boxing events.

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Update - 14 Mar 2020

Professional Boxing Ring 3D Model 

Week 1: Model Completed

I began creating the base model for the boxing ring as a new personal project to further my modelling skills. To get the basic shape of the model I was attempting to recreate I used the primitive polygons I had in Maya such as cubes and cylinders to achieve the base shape. I then used the lambert material to colour code specific shapes so I knew which parts they are in the model.  

Reference image (Image owned by respective owners)  V  My model

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