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Lair of Forgotten Bears: The Cartoon

Lair of Forgotten Bears: The Cartoon

Patrick Doyle
by patrickdoyle on 12 Mar 2020

This is episode 3 in my Lair of Forgotten Bears children cartoon series — "Ring Toss's New Bike." I've dedicated ever second of the past 6 months to this project, and the world continues to grow!

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This is episode 3 in my "Lair of Forgotten Bears" children's cartoon series. Currently all sculpting, modeling, texturing, painting, art direction, editing, sound design, lighting and even half of the voices are done by me and me alone, but I'm hoping that changes one day soon. I envision great avenues of adventure with this series. All I need is to find the right people whom share my passion and help me make it a show kids all over the world will love and cherish.

I include this image of my workstation for fellow artists out there who want to create something special, but fall back on the excuse of not having what they need to make it happen. Everything you see in the episode above was created right here — on a 5-year-old 15-inch 16 GB MacBook Pro, with a $10 mouse and the cheapest Wacom tablet I could find (the iPad is there for music and videos). You can do it! All you really need to succeed is PASSION. Is working like this frustrating? Yeah! But I know one day I will have what I need to create the world I envision — And on that day I will look back at this photo, remember this time, and laugh.

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