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My Development Journey

My Development Journey

by alexn on 18 Feb 2020

Here is a showcase of some of the different aspects of game development I have been learning. Including art, animation, sculpting, texturing, and even scripting. A lot of my journey has led me to learn the basics of a lot of different processes. My next goal is to hone one specific skill above the rest.

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Hero Models all one mesh, below 20k polys.

Created from scratch with a base mesh from 3Ds Max, then additional detailed sculpted in ZBrush and textured in Substance painter 3D.

WIth 1 additional variant of the character with slight topology improvements.

Building Prop tavern designed as the centrepiece of my planned harbour town. 

Created entirely in Maya using trim sheets created in Zbrush and Painter for textures

Polycount is a bit high and contains a few overlapping UV's however these problems are addressed in the unreal engine with a lightmap channel fix.

1-minute video production in unreal engine, using motion capture data recording in university facilities:

Various trim sheet texture for repeated usage. - Sculpted in brush, Painted in Substance painter

Designed with seamless edges for horizontal tiling.

First Board game Designed and produced as part of a group project for games design theory.

2nd Board game; Realm Walker, designed and produced as a group project, a 1v1 race to the center of the temple with puzzle elements presented with a Tetris block aesthetic.

Unity Projects including a vertical slice of a MOBA style games and a 3D platformer game:

MOBA interface created in Photoshop.

Straight track racer, custom scripts written in Visual Studio.

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