"How can I do that?" XWings Project
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"How can I do that?" XWings Project

by jleandrovfx on 5 Mar 2019

Have been working in this little project for 3 weeks now, is part of my "How can I do that?" series that I'm working on. Done in Houdini and rendered with RedShift

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Update - 9 Mar 2019

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Update - 9 Mar 2019

Lot's of fun recreating this stunning shot.

Done with Houdini, RedShift and AE.

Update - 5 Mar 2019

I have been working in another "How can I do that?" little project, recreating awesome stuff from movies and tv shows, there's one shot of "Star Wars: The force awakens" that have been in my mind since the day I saw it for the first time.

Right now I'm doing the final simulation, with more substeps and having in mind some feedback said to me a few days ago.

This is my current WIP, I need to have a better shapes of the mountains and texturing the XWings.