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Ever since I can remember, I've dreamed of being part of the gaming industry. It all clicked when I played an incredible RPG that captivated me with its graphics and mechanics. The experience left me wondering "HOW?" and "WHERE?" So, I set out on a journey to find those answers. With unwavering ambition, I'm ready to embrace the challenges and contribute my warmth and passion to shaping the future of gaming. Together, let's create unforgettable experiences for players worldwide!

Hello, I am Omkar a 22 year old student, willing to be a future 3d animator.

After my high school ended, I was very interested in graphic design and so I got an admission in degree college. The course included 3d too due to which I switched from graphic design to 3d modelling and texturing.

I'm an electrical engineer by profession, but deep down, my heart has always belonged to the captivating world of gaming. Since my childhood, I've been spellbound by the intricate workings of game mechanics and the artistry involved in bringing virtual worlds to life. As I completed my engineering journey, an undeniable urge ignited within me to immerse myself in the gaming industry and make a meaningful contribution. To me, every industry is a canvas for creativity, each requiring a unique set

At the phase of my life where I came to know when I can elaborate to the industry more than just drawing, where I came to know that I'm pretty good at sculpting and was familiar with Zbrush software and wanted to work for movies and games as a character modeling artist.

During the pandemic each one of us were locked in our homes where as i was locked with a designer in my own house my father who knew what i wanted to pursue , everyday i woke up and sat next to my father and enjoyed looking at his works that's when i decided that i want to become a great 3D artist.


My passion for movies and games during my school years led me to pursue a creative career in media

The first time when I saw avatar I didnt had any idea how that movie was made then i asked my dad how was all this made then he showd me the breakdown video on youtube of Avatar movie and I was totally stunned since that day I realise that the only motive of my life was to work in 3d industry.

Before 3 years, When I touch photoshop. And made some manipulations. At that moment I decided, What I have to do.

when i was very young

When if Finished My Schools In between Holidays I used to Sketch Alot and My Sketches Was Good As per said By My Parents so i did R&D about this Industry Nad Then Took the Admission.

i always had a deep interest in art, i always wanted to do something art related! i always wondered if i could make a carrer a in art, and in 2017 i got to know about the industry!