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Since I was a kid, when I watched movies or played games I was inspired by the creatures and characters I saw, as a result of this inspiration, I started to make my own creatures, when I learned about Zbrush I could start sculpting them and since then I want to work as a 3D character Artist!

I fell in love with video games when I was a kid and it wasn't until I reached my late teens when I realized I wanted to become an artist and work in the industry. At the time I had never tried 3D, drawing was the only thing I knew, so this dream materialized in the desire to become a concept artist. Now I've started using Zbrush and have fallen in love with sculpting, so I try to funnel all my available time into it.

I enjoy expressing myself through creativit.

I've always been creative, and have loved videogames from a joung age, so when it came the time to choose a carrier I was prettuy much set.

I realized when I was a 15-year-old boy in 2008. After school, I started to learn blender 2.x.... all the rest is almost the same for everyone.