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I was always fascinated by behind-the-scenes extras on DVDs, how it just seemed magical that they could create anything and make it seem real. I started making stop-motion with LEGO and clay and things just evolved from there. Starting to teach myself 3D modelling in Sketchup before starting Maya in high school. I had an interest in architecture and modelling for about as long as I can remember, which is now what I want to focus my career towards.

I grew up watching animation movies and I enjoy it a lot. From there I want to learn how to make animation film. And also I have stories to tell about and for me animation is the best medium to tell story.

I have always enjoyed art and craft and loved watching animated moves from a young age.

Back when my last year of highschool where I was still clueless and rather terrified of my future, but it was even more scarier for me to think about working in the creative industry which leads me to having a leap of faith in myself in and just sign up for it. Best decision ever.

As soon as I graduated high school I headed straight for animation at uni. I've always loved drawing, art, design, film and storytelling.

texture artist

While I have been illustrating my whole life and knew I would end up in a creative field I just didn't know which! I kept expanding my skillset from illustrating as a kid to going to university studying animation and now teaching myself how to work with game engines and enhancing my 3D sculpting skills. I didn't even consider until recently that I could pursue a career in the games industry but now that I have worked on games I would love to continue my journey in this wonderful industry!

I have always enjoy playing video games especially the 3D ones. I first realised that I want to work in the industries was when I played the legend of Zelda during middle school. I was fascinated by the concept of finding your true self in a freely virtual world.

When I was in my uni, I realized that I want to be game developer.

I've always had an affinity with being creative and the visual arts since I was young. This began to broaden more into digital media as I grew and the different methods of conveying stories caught my interest as a professional career

As a lover of both film and creative arts, I've always wanted to combine the two and work on some great projects, in a variety of roles.

I've always been a massive cinema geek. Initially I pursed fine art but found myself wanting to build stories into my work more and more. Eventually I found animation and it felt like a natural fit.

As a young child I was mesmerized by storytelling through animation and illustration. I have been interested ever since

Ever since the Disney 1999 animated movie Tarzan were introduced to me when I was only a table foot hight kiddo, my dream of becoming an animator has established.

When I was studying fine art in high school

I've always been interested in being creative. Growing up i would make silly little live action films with my cousin, draw graffiti thinking i was cool and film skateboard videos with my friends. I just felt the most stimulated and happy creating and super rewarded looking back on the finished products. I realised i had a passion for creating as i got older and held onto it and haven't stopped.

I was first very inspired by all the Sci Fi spaceships in Star Wars and Star Trek TNG series.

My interests sparked when I was still in high school 5 years ago as I had started looking into the film industry. From there I discovered what animation was, and now have decided its what I wanted to do only this year!

When I was a teenager, but then I had a detour in economics, started studying art after in 2018

When I was a young kid and started playing video games and watching animated movies I immediately wanted to involved in creating them. As I got older i realized that this was actually a legitimate career path and I've been moving in that direction ever since.