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I always had a passion for the arts since little, but after attending an exposition in my college I realized that this is the piece that I loved and was missing for my future. Now on my senior year in the program I realized that this love and joy I have when I see movies I can do for the next generation and inspire them as I was once.

I first realized I wanted to pursue creative work in high school, when one of my art teachers supported me in teaching myself some very basic digital 3D art and animation.

Around senior year of high school I became interested in 3D animation and it quickly took off from there.

I've always been interested in the arts, but I first realized I could make my love for art into a career when i discovered small New grounds and YouTube animators. Finding these people gave me the courage I needed to get into a creative industry!

I realized that I wanted to work in creative industries when I started watching anime. I started drawing my own anime characters, and I wanted to see them come to life. Thus, leading to my enrollment at the University of Colorado Denver with a major in 3D Graphics and Animation. Learning about all the elements that go into 3D animation has not only helped me find my niche, but develop skills in all areas of the field. Thus, making me confident as I head off into the world and apply for jobs.

I have been working live sound and being in choirs for a while but I started volunteering with creating film scores and sound effects for the film students. I realized that this could be a great career goal and a useful skill now that I have my degree in the recording arts

I realized the potential of creative industries at a young age. Through being touched by the various stories I experienced through movies, games, and television shows, I knew I had to do my part contribute in this industry and help amplify the voices of the incredible story tellers around me.

I first realized that I wanted to be in the creative industry when I watched Ratatouille and fell in love with the medium and the story.

I have always wanted to be a storyteller. I found through creativity I could tell tales of far off lands and other meaningful stories to me. I wanted to do something that inspired myself and others in the artistic space. As i see the world through that lense.

I first realized that I wanted to work in the entertainment industry when I saw Zootopia back in 2016.

I have always wanted to work in the creative field but specifically found myself drawn to the storytelling potential that 3D art and digital animation has. I love the idea of getting to create for a living and work with like minded people on projects bigger than ourselves.

I have always been interested in how storytelling drives the world around us. My love of cartoons and art has brought me to the field of 3D animation and all its facets. I am currently studying at the University of Colorado Denver. I am learning how to create and bring my stories, as well as the stories of others, to life.

I first realized I wanted to work in creative media at a young age from immersing myself in the world of video games. Being able to share a catered immersive experience is something I value greatly as a storyteller and artist.

I've always made sense of the world through storytelling, and at first I was interested in film making, then animated film making, and now interactive games as a way to do so.

I attended art oriented middle and high schools, so I’ve always been on a creative path. In high school, I majored in digital media and then transitioned to 3D when I got to college. I’m ecstatic that I ended up where I did because I love what I do. I just hope it’s something I’ll be able to pursue as a career.

After taking an amazing 3D graphics class in high school, I realized that creating 3D art could become a career.

In high school, I was very involved in film club. After many film fests, I started getting freelance gigs on the side and by the time I graduated I realized that this passion could be a viable career.

I've been an artist all my life. When I was fourteen, I decided I wanted to do something bigger than just drawing and painting. I became very inspired by animated films from my childhood, such as Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle."

I was struggling in Computer Science at the time. I saw a lot of 3D art my friend would post on his social media and I quit being unhappy and switched majors the very next semester.

I wanted to work in the creative field ever since i was young. Watching great animated movies and special effects for the purpose of telling a great story has been a dream of mine.

Truthfully my first year of college, when I learned that there was an animation program in the same building I was originally going to learn architecture.