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I like to watch anime and, play game especially game with amazing story

When I found that the process in creative industries is interest and also want to creative something interst aesthetic experience

I discovered my passion for working in the creative industries at a young age, primarily through my love for playing games and creating art. One particular game that greatly influenced me was NieR Automata, which captivated me with its exceptional art style. After seeing how powerful visual design can be in influencing people, I felt a strong desire to be part of creating characters and art for games.

Growing up I've always had an interest in the creative field, drawing was a hobby when I was a kid. As time went on, my interest spread into game development as I was exposed to video games through playthroughs on youtube. Since then, I've had a fascination towards open-world games and wanted to be a part of creating something similar. Eventually I found myself enrolling into the game development course to pick up the necessary skills and tools to prepare for the industry.

Typical origin story for most artists --- passionate since young, continued to develop personal taste for media and art skills as I grew. When I considered my tertiary education choices, I realised that I really couldn't see myself doing anything else but being a part of the creative industry, especially in the market of telling stories. Game development was a perfect blend of diverse skills for me to learn to enter any industry of my interest.

Video games has always been an important part of my life, it has always been my childhood dream to create a game that can be enjoyed by people from all around the world. I also have great interest in art and learning about the games industry had helped me made the best decision in my life, which is to take part in an industry that has brought excitement and happiness to my younger self.

Since I was small :)

When I found out that reading, memorizing and regurgitating isn't for me.

I found my passion and interest in (Lighting / Rendering & Compositing) is where i am able to explore the most. However, my passion and interest led my career this far until today. Besides, nothing will stop me from what i am doing right now. The passion and interest i had right now in me is telling me to achieve my dream and never stop creating good artwork.