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When i was 16, i thought a career in the art industry was not for me because its too difficult and competitive. So i decided to study veterinery sciences. After three+ years of work, i realized that i wanted something more, i wanted to create things, i wanted to MAKE ART. So, in August 2023, I quit my job and began my incredible journey)

I discovered my passion for creative work and fashion couple years ago when I decided that I wanted to create my own brand. However, I soon realized that the fashion industry is overflowing and has a negative impact on our environment and ecology. I then learned about the emerging trend of virtual fashion, which piqued my interest. I realized that I had a lot of opportunities to express my creativity. To pursue this passion, I decided to learn 3D software for modeling virtual fashion.

I realised that I want to work in gamedev industry few years back, but was a little bit afraid to quit job and change my life. Now I started studying at online school to acquire skills and profession of a 3d generalist.

When I was a little kit I always was amazed about games and movies. I remember my firs 3D animation movie that really changed my life and understanding of the media