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Desde la universidad encontré habilidades para el campo gráfico enfocado en arquitectura y urbanismo. Siempre he querido avanzar en conocer cómo proponer ideas a través de entornos gráficos.

Since I became certified as an Autodesk Instructor and Corona Renderer, and I ventured into teaching classes in the career of Architecture, and Animation and Digital Design.

I first fell in love with 3ds max when I started my studies at university as an interior designer, then I said ok...I want to be very good at something and I set my goal to learn a lot about 3ds max and its tools, then I discovered V-Ray and I told myself that I want to achieve the greatest possible realism, so I focused on studying in a self-taught way and taking courses until I found the Seña Paula courses understanding the Corona render engine and from there I am still polishing my techniques

Since my beginnings in architecture school, once I got to know 3d modeling it was love at first sight, the exploration of spaces through architectural visualization and the quest to achieve more and more realistic representation of ideas is and has been my motivation.

When I started my architecture degree in 2011, one of the branches that caught my attention the most was architectural visualization. From that moment, I knew I wanted to specialize in this.