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Although my professional activity is carried out in another industry, 3D has captured my attention for a few years, in the first instance as a hobby that absorbed many hours of my free time, until the current desire to turn that hobby into a professional career.

Since I was a child, I have always been interested in design, animation, and architecture. I loved drawing and creating imaginary characters and buildings, and as I grew up, I discovered the magic of digital animation and the importance of architectural visualization in the creation of construction and design projects.I always knew I wanted to work in something related to 3D, so every day I continue to train and learn new techniques to achieve my goal for work at this industry that i love.

From the moment I started studying Architecture.

I am an Architect from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a master's degree in social housing from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. When carrying out my own projects I have realized that a good image explains more than a thousand words. In this way I focused a lot on architectural visualization.

When I was studying architecture. I knew that there was a need for a tool to present projects, which would help clients understand architecture in a simpler way, not through technical architectural plans.

I guess when I failed my first class of 3D visualization in architecture school, I decided I needed to keep learning and developing my skills, so I enrolled in some extra classes and that´s when I found out I actually was pretty good at it, and it also came with a hunger to keep learning different techniques, not only for Archviz but for one of my other passions like VFX and enviroment design for games.

The moment I realized I wanted to dedicate full-time to this industry was in the last year of my studies in architecture in Universidad de Costa Rica (2012). Trying to develop good designs, which is also a passion of mine, I truly took care of how to represent my projects. The rest is history, I fell in love with how to work with light, materials, composition, photography, etc.

En la Universidad, cuando empece a aprender 3Dsmax. sobre todo al investigar y ver escenas de peliculas como Lord of th ring, donde existe visualizacion de edificaciones, paisaje de esa epoca. eso me motivo a interesarme en esta profesion

Visual effects has been something that I have always enjoyed on movies and series. After that, I started watching videos and reading information about it.