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since childhood I was very interested in animated movies, series as I was growing, I developed interest in games at that moment I used to wonder how they are made what will be the process, before coming to 3d world I used to sketch a lot may that be environment, character or any other, when I completed my school, I had one thing in mind that I should be choosing this as my carrier to work in 3D, as for me it gives me freedom to create my imagination to reality

for me as i grow up my focus is more being towards creative work and i fond of doing that even tough i don't have patience like many artists have but I'm working o it to become a great artist.

I joined creative industry in which i can learn the thing which art entertaining and interesting .

I realised it after completing my high school while searching for my interests for future careers. While dabbling in 2d digital and traditional artworks I found 3d art very attractive. Then I divided to work in creative industry.