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I’m not sure there was any one moment. When I was a kid, I would make up dresses and different garments for my dolls. I started design full fashion collections when I reached high school, and it was in those years that I first tried to studied a carrer about fashion design traditional, for then i become my physical designs in 3D designs.

I´ve always being involved in developed myself as a creative artist. I did study arts in the high college, also graduated in Audiovisual Production and Visual Merchandising & Windows Dressing. Actually I pushed myself to get deeper knowledge in the digital art so I did a course of Fashion,Luxury and Metaverse. I´m constantly growing my skills and finally studiyng 3D art for the creation of characters and skins for the fashion industry and metaverse.

Two years ago, when I started to see all the possibilities for creative

I always knew since I was a little kid I wanted to work an a creative industry, I studied fashion designer but at some point I felt like something was missing. And then I began to see 3d works and I started to get interested in it, I think the fusion between fashion and the 3D world, its what I needed, and I cant wait to keep learning and creating my own reality.

When I started studying fashion after finishing my degree as a psychologist.

Since I was in school I knew I was an artistic person, I always loved to draw, paint, DIY... Design is a fusion between art and functional. Then I decided I wanna be on the fashion industry.

I have a Degree in Fashion design. So, after studying a industrial pattern making course I decided to took some lessons of Clo 3d software and then I discovered a Digital Fashion Master which brought me to here.

When i was about 7 years old, i was already loved to create some arts, make ceramic arts and drawing endlessly. When I entered middle school I was fascinated by fashion design mostly and also creative industries. So sometimes i made some clothes with my designs to wear and also donated my talents to make some event poster package design for school too. after the experience I realized that i love to work as a creator and work in the creative industries.

Since I was a little girl it seemed natural to express my self through fashion design amoung many other art disciplines, but it wasn't till I turned 16 that I focused my path into educating my self in this direction and learning as much as I could in order to become a fashion designer. When I started college I had my very first contact with digital fashion through Marvelous Designer, which next to the most traditional forms of making fashion, made my career richer and much more complete.

Siempre he querido ser diseñadora de moda y una vez que terminé la carrera, empecé a interesarme por el mundo de la moda 3D, ya que me parece una herramienta muy útil.

When studying fashion I discovered digital fashion and I loved being able to create garments full of fantasy. I found a space to express my creativity. I am also expanding my knowledge as a 3d artist for videogames.

Curious about 3D design I discovered CLO3D. In a self-taught way, I began to learn until I did the master on 3D Fashion Design where I could dive into CLO3D and learn to use Blender.

I first realise I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I was coursing my last year at IED Barcelona university. We started learning Clo3d software and it created a lot of hype to me, so when I finished fashion design university degree, I decided to focus on a Master degree of 3d fashion desgn.

I´m graduated in graphic and fashion design. My passion for design is since I was child, and I made it happen when I turned 18. My interest in the digital world occurred later, after learning about how the current fashion industry works. Considering that digital design can be an alternative.

Since I was a child. I,m knit designer , and I,m working in EL CORTE INGLES, is a very very famous company in Spain. I,m working in knitting department and I love my work.

I start in the 3D and in the university doing 3d model and animation for videogames but when i discover a master about 3d clothes and more i fell in love with this new world

almost 2 years ago. I think that the metaverse is the future and market

I realised that my fashion careers needed an update in terms of digital design, so I decided to study a MA in Fashion Digital Design so I could learn all the knowledge I required for my next step.

I was very much oriented to Haute Coutoure field so at first I didnt want anything to do with computers...Everything I loved was artisan methods, craftsmanship, handmade details...But this takes a lot of time and the results are not accurate. I discovered Clo3d and begun taking some courses. There is where I realized all the advantages and opportunities the Digital Design has in the Industry and for the future platforms and the best way to create really outstanding designs.