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in 2023 when I tried my hand at 3D animation for the first time

When i entered my shcool

when i saw how movies are mades

In highschool, I discovered 3D and then it was over :)

I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. One day, in a school exhibition hall, a man in an orange T-shirt called me and started telling me about his school, the IIM Digital School. My greatest passion was computers and video games. So I joined the IIM Digital School to learn how to make video games. It was at this school that I discovered 3D, which I immediately loved and got a good feeling for. I'm lucky enough to work in this environment today.

I wanted to work in the creative industry since I started drawing in high school. During my first year in higher education, I discovered a passion in 3D for creating films and compositing them.

I realized that I wanted to integrate the 3D industry some time after the end of high school. My passion for beautiful pictures and impactful music follows me ever since I touched my first video games. I see in characters a form of microcosm that can embody a whole universe. A character alone can lay the foundations of a world and suggest an untold story.

Always passionate about art, it wasn't until I was 25 that I decided to switch careers into this field, realizing that combining graphic art and cinema was possible through animation. After learning the basics of 3D in all its forms, animation and 3D layout emerged as the path I wanted to specialize in and thrive professionally.

I discovered my passion for the industry during my first year at university. In our school's curriculum, the initial year is designed for exploration across five different areas, and it was within the realm of 3D that I found my true calling.

I always had a particular attention and a taste for video games with various 3D graphic styles (cartoon, realistic, cel-shading...), and I try some creations linked to the video game field like coding, 3D modeling, create 2D sprites etc... So I aspire to be able to work on video game productions in order to use my skills and my knowledges of this field and to cooperate with inspiring people for my passion.

Since the beginning of my studies

Elementary school

I always loved drawing and so during my high school years I decided to become professional in creative industries

Since I was a kid, I always looked into video games conception, the older I got the more I looked into it. Discovering the industry of animation via movies and cinematics. After finishing high school I looked forward to specializing myself to find my place in the industry. Finding my passion in 3D and video games brought me to were I am today.

At the end of high school, most of the opportunities i could see after my scientific baccalaureate didn't make me motivated and ready to give it my all ! I was already a huge fan of animated film but i didn't know that it was accessible for me, then i tried my chance and i knew that i could make the world dream like each and every movie i saw made me dream !

since i was a kid

Since middle school when I first learned about what you can with Blender which I was only using as a tool to make Youtube Intro back then.

After the high school

When I discovered how photoshop is magic ^^

Bring life to imagination