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I've been writing songs and stories since I was a kid. Ever since I got my hands on a laptop, I started producing music. I started Timebased Media studies after learning and working as a technician in theatre for years - to also learn the video part. I discovered my love for 2D/3Danimation, and my bachelor, it was now time to combine my storytelling, animation, and my music - and so I got into the animated film world.

I think it was around 2020? Actually I‘m from a way different area of Business: Car-Industries. But since a little child I never stopped to draw. But it made me sad, that I was not able to lay down more focus and time on it like I wanted. So I changed it!

Wenn I was 15 I started watching Let's plays and got into Video Games myself. Also I was drawing since I was little and so when I thought about, what I wanted to do fo a job later, working as an Artist for the Video Game Industry seemed like the perfect match for me.

I realized I wanted to work in the creative industries when I first watched Spiderverse - into the spiderverse. I was blown away by the amazing animation, graphic style and visual storytelling. Thats when I realized that you can do Animation as a career, looked up the studio that made spiderverse and decided to learn Blender.

I wanted to pursue a 3D career since 2020 but computer-generated images in movies have cast a spell on me since I was a child. The different ways of achieving realism, the fascinating development of believable CG creatures and characters, and the general idea of constructing a fantasy world in which you can lose yourself in, still amazes me every day.

Towards the end of my school time, when I first seriously (and realistically) reflected on my professional future, I realized that I would like to work in the creative industry. I chose this industry because this was where both my interest and ability lie and the prospect of working in this field filled me with joy anticipation.

I started out doing Music production, and I realized that I'd want to learn how to create videos and animations to promote the music I've been producing with visual content. After working in a theater as an event technician for a few years, learning about light, sound and stage construction, I decided to to go a more artistic path and to study media design in order to develop my media production skills.

From a young age, I was naturally drawn to creative expression through activities like drawing and writing stories. As I grew older, I began to consider turning this passion into a career, and after completing school, I pursued a degree in media design. Overall, my lifelong love of creative expression has driven me to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry, where I can use my talents to help bring imaginative ideas to life.

I wanted to work in the creative media ever since I enrolled in primary school and noticed that i only cared for art class. I actually have been drawing and painting my entire life now, but in my teens i realized that you can turn your creative abilities into a career and from that point on forward that has always been my goal.

I always loved to do creative work, but after I finished school I was afraid to go into the creative industry. Thus I got a degree in business administration. I started to work in a small marketing agency. After my first week, I felt that something was wrong and that I have to change something soon. I started working on creative projects for my portfolio. After 1,5 years in the agency, I quit my job and applied for the media design course at the university of Mainz.

When i was 14 years old i played with the old camera of my parents. Since then i tried photography, videography, webdesign, 3D animation and ultimately landed on game design and VR development.

Already in my early school days I was interested in digital art, video games and aesthetics. Since I've been studying at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, I've felt every week how everything around 3D design makes me blossom.

I always liked to draw, but i never knew you can actually work by doing art, in 2016 i found out about concept art.