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I have always liked the animations film and video games, so now I want to create those things that I have enjoyed for hours and hours.

While studying 3D Animation at Florida Universitaria I realized I really liked prototyping all kind of game mechanics and having to solve the mysterious pathways of the Unity Engine to make my games work. Since then, my passion for Unity C# Development hasn't withered nor decayed by one bit

I love making things and i love video games

I would like to work illustrating videogames, designing characters or the design of the place where the story takes place. It started when I decided that creating illustrations of characters or invented places, I could translate them into 2D and 3D videogames, being another way to express myself and have fun, showing a small part of my imagination.

I always liked it but never considered studying it , until a year ago, when I decided to start this journey and give it a try . I would love to become a 3D character artist or VFX Specialist but to be honest I love every single branch of it, like concept design, animations and so on.

When I descovered 3D at videogames and cinematics .

Since I was little I have been passionate about video games and animation, after studying a robotics degree I finally decided to fulfill my dreams and start studying a degree in Animation and Video Games.

I have always liked playing video games and watching animated movies, but the day I discovered that I could do it myself I knew I wanted to work on something related.

I discovered my passion for the video game industry when I was a child and spent hours on my computer enjoying video games. When it came time to decide what to study, I chose to be a video game programmer, a choice I don't regret at all.

When I finished sixthform, I was confused about my future and when I was looking some information, I found out a pamphlet about the world of 3D animation and videogame experience, I prove it and I loved it.

I think that the most beautiful thing about a job in the video game industry is being able to contribute your creativity and a part of yourself, changing the type of theme for each new project that may appear, with constant growth and change, and I realized this. when I started my college degree 4 years ago.

Throughout my life, I have been drawn to digital art. Beginning with my passion for videogames, and continuing later with the fascinating capacity that digital art has to create worlds and stimulate the imagination.

I've wanted to be a digital designer since my favourite entertainment is playing videogames and I realise VFX on films and media is similar, so my space to work is to be creative and improve to achieve ambicious projects.

I try to create something genuine, you could say that I have always liked beautiful things so I usually try to make things that look good, and that when someone else sees it they are surprised by the beauty that I try to create and if someone sees it and feels the same, that's when I know why I'm here. I am a student, I like modelling and painting. It would be wonderful to be able to continue along these paths

When I was in middle school and started doing some games in a very easy way(Scratch) and I had fun doing it so I decided to get into this industry. When I started, I wanted to beacme a programmer, but now I want to be a programmer or an animator.

When I had to do homework.

Since childhood I have always liked to "create",drawing my own comic characters, my own toys made of clay, making structures with branches and silicone for my toys ... But the introduction of video games in my life was a point of inflection of what I really liked, I loved video games. Video games like Warcraft II and Final Fantasy VII would mark me for life and since I tried the first starcraft map editor I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of video games.

When i was finishing high school i decided that i wanted to be part of the Videogames industry. I enroled into IT because everyone told me that focusing only in games had no future. But after two years of not doing what i wanted i left it to do only what i really wanted.

The visuals of the game "Rise of the Tomb Raider" surprise me and the cinematics made me fall in love. So I decided that in my future I will belong in the creative media and entertainment industry.

I always loved videogames and when I discovered that there was a part of the industry that is focused on create objects and environments my world changed.