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Transitioning from sports to 2D animation in high school really did it all for me. 6-8 years later and I am still honing my craft ad getting closer to making the projects I want to make.

I have always wanted to do animation stuff it was anything serious to me till around 2 years ago when i moved to the USA from Vietnam. That is when I see the opportunity to follow this path as my professional career.

I knew when I went to a week long iD tech camp at Villanova University back in 2015. Here at this camp I learned about a little software called Autodesk Maya, where I learned that you can create and animate anything you can think of. It was through that camp that I realized that I could one day be a part of the entertainment industry that I have come know and love through countless movies, films, and games.

Back in 2014, I've stumbled upon production vlogs for the Hobbit. Those videos kept me absolutely glued to the screen for hours. I was fascinated by how this huge team came together to put their talents forward and produce these movies. I was fascinated with how the whole mechanism worked, from pre-production to final editing, but the VFX department just blew my mind, and it keeps doing so to this day :)

I had a passion for creating art as a child and up until this point, I have pursued further exploration as a 3D artist. When creating artistic assets, I simply have fun and strive to gain more of that experience. Furthermore, I want to bring the same experiences to the audience and influence more people to pursue art in different aspects.

Even at a young age, I knew I wanted a career as an artist but I've moved through different mediums throughout my life. When I was first starting elementary school, I was dead set on being a painter since then I've developed a deep love for anything digital art. I started getting more invested in 2D and 3D animation but was scared off for awhile by the idea of committing to an artistic career. It took awhile for me to wrap my head around it but I've never been more confident in my choice.

I loved drawing and crafts growing up, so I always knew that I wanted to pursue some sort of creative field. It probably wasn't until I was in high school and watched a collection of Pixar shorts that sparked my interest in the animation industry. I was not only drawn to the stories, but all the detailed, technical work that went into production.

I think I always knew I would work in a creative industry, I just never knew which one until I had an internship with a local fashion brand in my junior year of high school. Fashion was creative, but still practical in a way that I loved and after that I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life.

I went to school for mechanical engineering and realized that I wanted to do something more exciting and creative.

When I was in middle school, I first understood the power of creativity to channel a soul connection. After establishing a relationship with my former art teachers, I realized that I not only wanted to pursue art professionally, but I needed to in order to be fulfilled. Fashion design specifically spoke to me, as I was inspired by the way clothes helped people better connect with and express themselves.

When I was young, I always wanted to create exciting and engaging experiences for other people.

As I learned to code, I found that I had the most fun when creating visual results. My earliest projects included creative coding: illustrating algorithms and mathematical wonders. This evolved into my passion to program for and create games, the perfect combination of technical and aesthetic challenges.

Since I was a child I liked to draw, so I always persuaded this. I did not know exactly in which creative industry I would go, so first I graduate in Art History, in which I had a lot of cultural baggage, and now I am a graduate student in Fashion Design.

I started to do research into the CG industry during COVID after I graduated highschool

I have always been an artistic person and loved creating characters and environments since I was a child. I realized I wanted to work in creative industries in high school, because making art and collaborating with others is what I do.

I've been passionate about working in animation since middle school. I was self-taught up until enrolling in Drexel University where I started taking proper classes in animation.

I first realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry early on in my life, either through watching stunningly animated movies like "How to train you dragon" or the awe inspiring work of "Avatar." But also I was inspired when I saw individual 3D animations that people would post on YouTube and that got me inspired to learn that art myself, before I got accepted into the Animation and Visual Effects major at my college.

I first realized I wanted to work in the entertainment industry in two ways. Firstly when I started playing video games and watching blockbuster movies such as Avatar. Secondly when my uncle introduced me to Blender when I was around 14 years old and I quickly fell in love with the workflow and the results, and figured out that I could use my skills with Blender in the industry.

I first fell in love with video games after getting lost under a clothes rack in a department store while playing Donkey Kong Country 3 on my Gameboy Advance. Nowadays, I'm an indie Game Producer who actively explores the latest in designing and making. Currently completing a B.S. in Game Design and Production at Drexel University, and open to discussing production/team management opportunities!

I’ve always loved video games, but it wasn’t until I played Destiny that I realized real people make games and I could too. Reading every patch note and weekly update really gave me a window into the process of making a game and I loved it.