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I have been interested in art and video games since my youngest age. I always wanted to work in this field so I gave myself all the means to achieve it, I Studied the art of video games in a private school in France for three years, which comforted me in my choices.

When I realize that I could touch people with my art the same way pros of the industry did to me as I was a kid, playing videogames, watching movies and reading comicbooks

It all started when I was young, playing video games (I never stopped). I wasn't a child who liked drawing but at 18, I didn't know where to go and I never thought that my passion could be my job and finally ... I decided to go to a video game school based in Nimes, France. And it's from there that I got to know the art and more precisely video games and movies. Now it's been 5 years (2020) that I'm addicted to drawing.

Lego was my favourite toy when i was child, create a world and bringing life with nothing was just awesome Many years after, the architecture become a passion and a part of me (look at "le musée des confluence Lyon" it's one of my prefered building). The day I realized I wanted to work on movie/video games is when i have see the Avatar movies from James Cameron it was just the effect of a nuclear bomb in my head and i say to may dad i would like to make movie's and game's. So her I'am !

I draw since I can hold a pen and I've always wanted to work from this passion. At the end of highschool, I wanted to learn how to live from this passion of anatomy and creating characters but I didn't know anything about 3D or the cinema and video game industry. In 2016, I entered Creajeux, a school specialized in the video game industry. Every time I watch a film containing CG it blows my mind and it makes me even more want to be a part of this, to create characters.

I've always wanted to work in creative industries, but I didn't know exactly where. Now I'm more focused on video games but still trying to find myself and know in which part I would like to spend my workingtime. I just discoverded 3D animation and it's really fun !

Amongst the many productions I have had the opportunity to discover, TANGLED was the one which particularly drew my attention and convinced me to step into this world professionally. During my years of study, I took my first steps with XGen and fall in love with it! Since that day I aspire to become a groom artist

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I want to work in the creative media and entertainment industry since I finished the High school.

My passion for games and entertainment push me to study in this area. About 6 years ago I started a graphic design degree. In 2015 I started learning about 3D Design at Créajeux, a video game industry school. Now I want to learn more and work to create great quality content.