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I knew that entertainment was right for me after seriously considering how impactful media can be on people's lives. It inspired me to really try and understand what people want and how to go about making that idea real.

I've been playing video games since forever but never actually got to think about pursuing this career until three years ago. I was working as UX/UI designer for mobile apps but wanted something different. Something that has to do with games but would still be about solving problems visually. And then I started to draw and I guess I just couldn't stop since then.

From performance art to the visual arts, I've always challenged myself to learn new forms of expression. Of course, the creative industries impacted my life growing up, videogames & film offering an escape in tough times. The way that creative media encompasses who we are as people, communicates an experience, and unites us through our passions was very appealing to me as a young artist. With support, encouragement, and some duct tape I was on my way from there to join in on the fun!

Around 2018 was when I first learned I could work in the creative media and entertainment industry. With that knowledge, I realized I could be a part of something that has been a part of a majority of my life. I remember seeing concept art and sketches from guide books for games as a child. I copied and sketched them constantly. Now armed with the knowledge I could become a part of this industry, it was time to put in the effort.

Since I studied graphic design in 2006, but in my country there were no entertainment industry academies and I dedicated myself to graphic design until a few years ago I returned to concept art and 3D modeling and I decided to focus all my efforts on working on it

I can't recall a time when I wasn't fascinated with art. From a very young age, I began drawing and knew that one day I'd want to make a career out of it. I love to design and create characters and stories!

When I was 17 I knew I wanted to be an artist but I didn't know what that looked like. I later found out about the Entertainment Design industry through online resources as well as my school.

I've wanted to work in the games industry since 2017, but I didn't understand much about the industry until a couple of years ago when I met other game students after high school. They made me fall in love with the creative industries more while I have been friends with them. They also have always pushed me and encouraged me with the challenges of the creative industries.

Growing up my favorite memories were playing in the large sandbox we had out back. I would turn the hose on and make mountains, valleys, rivers and fortify them with toy soldiers and barricades before enacting scenes on the battlefield. Later on I proved to my parents that games would help me in the future by making clay models of characters from Warcraft. Furthermore, in High-school I had a passion for VFX and was the go to classmate for video projects. I've always had a drive to create.

When I was in highschool, I learned that you could draw and get paid for it.

When i was 20, i saw concept designer show design process from Star Wars

I always loved creating, art, music etc. In 2020 I realised that I wanted to do this professionally. Nothing excites me more than creating exciting concepts for players to explore and enjoy. I would love to work on environments that makes players/people want to come back to over and over.

I realized around the age of fifteen or sixteen, after I had been really delving into art for about a year or two that I had a passion for it and wanted it to be everything to me.

After I graduated from college.

Back in 2018 i was in the middle of switching majors and found out about the game industry. Ive always enjoyed drawing as a kid and decided to pursue concept art

All the way back in elementary school! My family had a book that featured vfx breakdowns, and before I knew it I was knee-deep in learning about cinematography, story boarding, vfx, photography, and eventually concept design. I love the collaborative effort that developing these sorts of projects take on.

I have always been very passionate for design. For the longest time I wanted to be a car designer, but as I grew older and exposed myself more towards film and video games, I became very interested in the visual exploration behind entertainment productions. It wasn’t until college that I properly discovered concept art and decided to take a better look into it.

Back in high school I didn't have any lasting impressions for other fields when it came time to apply for colleges. I opted to self-teach art with the support of my family!

I realized it when I was in high school and I conceived a logo for a famous local band in my home country, Haïti. The band printed over 2000 stickers of my design and give it away to fans.Of course they paid me My illustration was sticked to a lot of cars in home town, i was very proud and happy.

I decided to pursue a career as a visual development artist after I had an animation job. Creating a mood is design is the most enjoyable process for me.

I graduated from uni in 2012 with a MSc in environmental science. I’d done some teaching and lab work but the job market was tight for grads with little experience. While I was job hunting I began to paint Warmammer models to keep me sane. I got chatting with some people making a stop motion animation and was offered lunch in return for some model making. This was the lightbulb moment.

I first realized that I wanted to work in creative media when I was a kid. Movies and games have always been a big part of my life. There isn't a single day that goes by that my brain doesn't think about storytelling and visualizing different worlds and designs. Growing up, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were my filmmaking heroes. The movies they directed and produced were rich in emotion, excitement, and creativity. That encouraged me to try and capture that feeling in my own work.