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When I was in high school, I decided to pursue a career in creative industries when I found out that I had a passion for art. From there, I also found out that I love creating art for others.

At first I was a passionate gamer who also loved watching films. When I was around 13 years old, I became hyper-fixated on the world of 3D Animation & Modelling after watching an unhealthy amount of fan animations.

It started when I took on my first creative project, and I realized I loved the process of transforming ideas into beautiful art. The people encouraged me to explore this passion further, and I'm grateful for their guidance in helping me realize my dream of working in the creative industry.

I have a huge passion for creative industry with the loves to learn new things each day. Currently im at university and comitting to Game development, Animation, and Illustration.

The defining moment when I realized my passion for the creative industries occurred during my teenage years. I was captivated by animated movies, their ability to transport me to imaginative worlds and evoke emotions. As I delved deeper into the behind-the-scenes process, I discovered the intricate artistry involved in 3D animation. It was then that I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to crafting breathtaking visuals and telling compelling stories.

I realise I wanted to work in creative industries since I was merely a child

I was always invested in all kinds and shapes of art, but when I realized I could tell my own stories and develop it into fruition with my own visualisation as long as inspiring people in the process, it inspired me to pursue this industry even more. Growing up with animated movies that I love to this day, it has always been my childhood dream to someday work at studios like Pixar, Illumination, Sony, Fortice, and many other great animation studios.

since high school, I always wanted to enchant my craft and skill ig reiysin.png

when i was a boy, i was thinking to create my own 3D Gundam Model etc.

I picked up a pencil one day and never put it down ever since.

Since i was at junior high school, i realized that i want to work in creative industries.

At first, I just liked watching animated cartoons. But when I was around 13, I became interested in making cartoons and 3d modeling.

I just chose the easiest path

when I started having fun with blender

I've always liked drawing since childhood and plan to improve my skills at BINUS University. I was hoping to make my own series with my characters, stories, and animation some day in the future.

when i first learn digital drawing at high school

Since I was a little, I always loved animated movies. I loved old animated movies like My neighbor Totoro, Steamboy, etc. And who can forget Dragon ball series, bleach, Fullmetal alchemists etc. It always grabbed my attention and it made me want to learn it.

I've loved the entertainment industry, especially animation and fictional characters since I was a child. I wanted to become involved with the wonderful fictional worlds I've come to love, which lead me to study illustration and animation.

When I'm in my 3rd semester in university, I realize that I have a passion to work in creative media & entertainment industry.