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I was always interested in animation and comics since I was young, and I expressed my interests through drawing my own characters and stories. I fully realized I want to work in the creative industry because drawing has been the one skill I always keep on developing over the past few years.

Since I realized I have the skills to draw, so I decided to major in DKV Animation at my college and I still have many opportunities to keep learning 2d animation, especially motion graphics, and 3d animation!

interested in art since I was little.

The ability to create dystopian dieselpunk-full-mech-battalion at your own will, and the prospect of having team with unique skillsets to bring it to a real groundbreaking product.

since i was still in senior high school

I always wanted to be a teacher, working with kids and lots of social interactions. But I eventually realized i always get lost looking at art pages on Pinterest, and the animation movies that I watch. So I decided to learn more about art and animation :> And I still find myself fall in love even further as I learn 'v')b

Drawing has always been something I've enjoyed doing since I was little. I realized that I wanted to work in an artistic field for a living when I first stepped into junior high.

During high school i discovered that i enjoy making arts and decided that this is what i wanted to do

Hello, I'm Hubert Christiano Widyadhana, usually called Hubert. I am majoring in DKV animation at Binus University, Jakarta in 2021. I want to gain experience and hone my arts skills, especially in art design. Since elementary school, I studied character design and drawing. And I studied design and animation more deeply at Binus at the beginning of the semester.

When i realize i want to make worth out of my works.

In my last year of high school, I started taking and learning art seriously. I always loved stories and the drawings that accompanied them. Being so invested in a world full of wonder and whimsy is one of my favorite things in the world.

Since I was in middle school.

When I was a middle schooler, I saw a friend of mine drawing on her paper.

During my childhood years, I was inspired by games and animated movies that I grew up with, during that time, a line in a videogame inspired me to leave an impact on my life and others, I wanted to leave a legacy that people will remember me by, or create things that will touch others the way those games and movies did onto me.

When i do a 3D assignment on my College, i work on the girl character concept art, and when i do the sculpting process im very enjoyed and wanted to work on the idustry that related to 3D

When i was in elementary school, i started drawing and i was having fun

I've been into art and animation since I was a child and learning digital art since late 2018.

It started when I was in Primary School where I first learn how to draw. I was inspired by cartoons and animation movies and in one of the CDs that I bought has a documentary about the process of making the film. I was amazed by the process and I want to be a part of that.