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I have always been interested in animation growing up. The time that I knew I wanted to pursue animation and work in the creative industry is when I started to make my own silly animations during high school.

Ever since I watched the Behind the Scenes footage of Narnia when I was young, I knew I wanted to work in the creative industry. I didn't know what avenue to go down until much later.

From a young age but didn't start chasing the dream till late teens/ early twentys as had more traditional perants.

I started studying animation during my bachelor studies and enjoyed making animations, especially exploring character movements and emotions, communicating with creative workers and gathering various inspirations. Through my bachelor studies, I have become more certain of my career goal - to become an animator. I am continuing my studies at UTS Animal Logic Academy to improve my animation skills further.

in highschool I studied multimedia where I learned a range of skills for different media. It was during this time that I also learned 3D animation and once I got the hang of it I really enjoiyed it and decided to pursue 3D animation as a career since then

I wanted to learn how animation was made but found myself Interested in the process and actually wanting to help and create my own animations, soi decided to learn more about it and found it very fun and exciting to develop and work on projects involving 3D animation

When I was in high school. I did drama and performance but preferred to hide behind a camera. This lead to a bachelors in media (screen and sound production) which lead me to fx.

I've always done something creative and been curious in learning different creative skills. I initially started studying marketing as I wanted to challenge myself and learn something I was scared of. On the side I still continued to pursue creative projects like film-making, graphic design, or oil painting. Eventually I realised that I can merge my past skills as a production coordinator serving as a bridge between the creative, technical and business.

When I realised I liked cartoons more than live action

I have always loved to create things.

I've always been in love with drawing ever since I was young, but if I had to pinpoint the moment I realized I wanted to work in the creative industries, it would be when I discovered Zach Hadel on YouTube. Watching his journey and seeing how he transformed his unique style and humor into a successful animated series has been my biggest inspiration.

I love the blend of art and technology. I enjoy collaborating, creating and solving problems.

I simply enjoy the process of create.

When I turned 16 and realised this is it, that is all I ever wanted to do. I want to create for others to enjoy. "The best way to know yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

When I was very little, I had the passion to become a creative worker. It just becomes greater while studying in this field.

2022 after graduating from bachelor of design I have decided that my talent and interest lies in 3d animation industry.

When I study in my old University , I begin to study 3D modelling and 3D Animation. After 2-3 semester, i realized that I want to spend 8-10 hours a day with this industry. I love creating 3D character and animate them. It is really interested me and gives me a lot of energy

Since I was a kid I have always been the creative type often losing myself in stories and worlds. It wasn't in till high school that I realised working in the creative industries was an option. After learning this I started out in art before moving over to animation. As of now my dream is to work on 3D animated films or tv series as an animator.

I came from a corporate career as a content creator for learning programs. When the pandemic hit there was no longer a way to travel, film or collaborate in-person so 3D Animation became a viable and exciting world to jump into. Eventually my passion for the 3D craft took over and decided to quit my job and study a Masters in Animation and Visualisation full time.