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Unreal Engine Bootcamp

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Unreal Engine Bootcamp

Join Kris Yu, an award-winning Game Development professional at Blizzard Entertainment, and embark on a journey to master Unreal Engine 5 in this comprehensive course.

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Welcome to Unreal Bootcamp, the definitive course designed to harness the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, the latest revolution in game development technology. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, this bootcamp provides an in-depth exploration of Unreal Engine 5, enabling you to create stunning, immersive game environments with the same tool used to develop major titles like DIABLO IV.

Unreal Engine 5 is at the forefront of game development, offering cutting-edge features that push the boundaries of visual fidelity and interactive design. This course covers everything from the basics of navigation and interface to advanced techniques in lighting, texturing, and rendering.

Meet Your Instructor

Guiding you through this journey is Kris Yu, an Associate Environment Artist at Blizzard Entertainment and “Rookie of the Year” at the prestigious Rookie Awards. Kris has made significant contributions to the gaming industry, including her work on DIABLO IV. With her extensive experience and creative insight, Kris is perfectly positioned to lead you through the intricacies of Unreal Engine 5.

Course Modules

  • Getting Started with Unreal Engine 5: Learn the fundamentals of the interface and navigation to begin creating in Unreal.
  • Building Game Environments: Step-by-step guidance on constructing detailed, interactive game settings.
  • Advanced Texturing and Lighting: Master techniques to enhance the visual appeal and realism of your environments.
  • Dynamic Gameplay Elements: Implement effects and interactivity to make your game environments not just look real, but feel real.
  • Optimization Strategies: Essential tips for ensuring your projects run smoothly on various platforms without sacrificing quality.

What You’ll Achieve

By the end of this Bootcamp, you will have developed a comprehensive understanding of Unreal Engine 5, equipped with the skills to craft detailed and dynamic game environments. More importantly, you’ll be inspired by Kris Yu’s journey and expertise, ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible in game development.

Join our Unreal Bootcamp and transform your creative visions into tangible realities in the world of game development.

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Learning Outcomes

Mastering Fundamentals

Navigate Unreal Engine 5 with confidence by mastering fundamental features and interfaces crucial for effective game development.

Advanced Development Techniques

Apply advanced game development techniques, including lighting, texturing, and rendering, to create visually stunning and immersive game environments.

Crafting Personalized Environments

Utilize learned concepts to craft unique game environments, showcasing your skills through the completion of a personalized project.

Peer Feedback

Participate in a Discord community for collaborative learning, receiving constructive feedback from peers to enhance your iterative development.

Industry Ready Skills

Acquire directly applicable skills for the game development industry, expanding your professional toolkit and positioning yourself as a versatile game developer.

Elevating Artistic Proficiency

Elevate your artistic proficiency through hands-on experience with Unreal Engine 5's intuitive interface, advanced tools, and cutting-edge techniques.

Badge: Unreal Engine Bootcamp

Micro-Credential Unlocked

This special badge is awarded to those who complete the Unreal Engine Bootcamp and pass all homework assignments. Earning this badge demonstrates your expertise and commitment to your professional development. Display it proudly on your Rookies profile to showcase your achievements and stand out from peers.

Unreal Engine Bootcamp


Kris Yu

Kris Yu

Associate Environment Artist @Blizzard Entertainment | Diablo IV

Kris is a full-time Associate Environment Artist at Blizzard Entertainment, working on DIABLO IV. She was also Rookie of the Year 2022 Game Development. Ranked #1 in the 2022 international competition for the prestigious and highly competitive Rookie Awards - Game Development.

Course Roadmap


Settle in to the course, meet your instructor, join the private server and get setup.

Introduction 6 Min View Lesson
Join Server 6 Min View Lesson
What is Unreal Engine? 5 Min View Lesson
Install & Setup 25 Min View Lesson

Real-time Interior

Work through over 2 hours of video training and create your first photorealistic digital interior scene with Unreal Engine 5.

Navigation & Interface 18 Min View Lesson
Lighting Systems 11 Min View Lesson
Exporting Assets 9 Min View Lesson
Camera Setup 10 Min View Lesson
Light Actors 12 Min View Lesson
Exposure Setup 6 Min View Lesson
Megascan Textures - Part 1 22 Min View Lesson
Megascan Textures - Part 2 14 Min View Lesson
Megascan Assets 12 Min View Lesson
Scene Assets 12 Min View Lesson
Scene Polishing View Lesson
Movie Rendering 12 Min View Lesson


Sometimes homework can actually be fun. Share what you've learned, create your own #RookiesKitchen, and win big.

Kitchen Assignment 5 Min View Lesson

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