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ROOKIES ACADEMY - 3D Design Foundations

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ROOKIES ACADEMY - 3D Design Foundations

Unlock the world of 3D design, from foundational concepts to advanced modeling, and bring your creative visions to life in a fully-realized 3D environment.

18 Lessons
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Welcome to 3D Design Foundations, a comprehensive course designed for beginners eager to delve into the fascinating world of three-dimensional creation. This course, brought to you in collaboration with Escape Studios and Skyup Academy, combines expert instruction with practical, hands-on tools to develop your skills from the ground up.

Course Highlights

  • Designed Just for You: Dive into 3D design with a course tailored to beginners, ensuring every step is fun and easy to understand.
  • Superpowered Collaboration: Team up with Escape Studios and Skyup Academy for a dynamic learning experience that combines the best of both worlds!

About the Collaboration

In this extraordinary partnership, Escape Studios and Skyup Academy unite their super skills to guide you through an epic adventure in 3D design! Let’s meet our heroes:

  • Escape Studios: Masters of animation and VFX training, Escape Studios will equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to kick-start your 3D journey.
  • Skyup Academy: The champions of cutting-edge digital arts education, Skyup Academy introduces you to the amazing Spline, a magical online tool for creating 3D wonders.

Course Outline

Discovering 3D Wonders

Gear up as we uncover the secrets of 3D design! Learn about the XYZ axis, polygons, and unleash your creativity with simple 3D techniques. Get ready for:

  • Adventures in Modeling: Transform basic shapes into extraordinary creations.
  • Lighting & Texturing: Illuminate your world and add textures to bring your designs to life.
  • Rendering & More: Discover how stunning images are generated.

Mastering Spline Magic

Embark on a thrilling journey to conquer Spline, the enchanted tool that lets you weave spells of 3D magic! Get hands-on with:

  • Spline Magic: Cast your creativity into the digital realm with Spline’s intuitive features.
  • Interactive Creations: Learn the art of animating and interacting with your 3D designs.

Art Portfolio Project

Showcase your newfound powers by crafting a spectacular 3D scene in Spline! Let your imagination run wild as you create, texture, and light up your very own digital masterpiece.

Launch into 3D Design!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and embark on a heroic journey into the world of 3D design? Join ‘Rookies Academy: 3D Design Adventures’ and let the adventure begin!

Enroll now to unlock the secrets of 3D design alongside your trusty guides, Escape Studios and Skyup Academy!

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Learning Outcomes

Mastering the 3D Design Process

Delve into the essential journey from concept to completion in 3D design. Understand the transformation from 2D sketches to fully-realized 3D models, exploring the fundamentals of modeling, texturing, and lighting under the guidance of industry professionals

3D Modeling Techniques

From basic shapes to detailed organic forms, learn the art of 3D modeling. Grasp polygonal modeling and the magic of subdivisions to smooth out surfaces and create complex structures, laying a solid foundation for further detailing and sculpting.

Advanced Texturing and Material Definition

Dive deep into texturing and learn to apply shaders and materials that bring realism or stylistic flair to your models. Understand physically based rendering to achieve lifelike surfaces or achieve specific artistic textures for your projects.

Dynamic Lighting and Rendering

Master the principles of dynamic lighting within 3D environments. Learn how to manipulate light sources to create mood, depth, and focus, enhancing the realism or artistic quality of your scenes for impactful storytelling.

Animation Fundamentals

Unlock the basics of animation to add movement and life to your 3D models. Explore keyframe animation, rigging basics, and introduce principles of movement and interaction, making your designs not just visually compelling but engaging.

Collaborate on Projects in Real-Time

Experience the power of collaborative 3D design using Spline Design 3D's cloud-based platform. Learn to manage projects in real-time with team members, sharing ideas and feedback instantly to streamline the creative process and achieve cohesive results.

Badge: Rookies Academy - 3D Design Foundations

Micro-Credential Unlocked

The badge certifies successful completion of an introductory course in three-dimensional design, symbolizing the recipient's foundational skills in 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering. It marks the individual as well-prepared for entry-level challenges in creative industries such as animation, gaming, and product design, showcasing their commitment and capability in the 3D design domain. Earning this badge demonstrates your expertise and commitment to your professional development. Display it proudly on your Rookies profile to showcase your achievements and stand out from peers.

Rookies Academy - 3D Design Foundations


Escape Studios

Escape Studios

Escape Studios is one of the UK's leading animation, games and VFX schools, supplying the industry with studio-ready talent. Our courses are designed and delivered with industry experts within a welcoming, close-knit and successful community. Our world-class industry partners include Industrial Light & Magic, PlayStation London Studio, Framestore, The Mill, DNEG, Milk VFX, Creative Assembly, Cinesite, Blue Zoo and MPC. Through our partnership with Epic Games, we were the UK’s first Unreal Authorized Training Center and are an Unreal Engine Academic Partner.

Skyup Academy

Skyup Academy

Skyup Academy is an Italian leading digital arts school. We accept only the most promising students in our intensive masterclasses, and create a personalised workflow to become professional CGI artists, working in the fields of VFX for cinema, video games, ADV and design. All of our instructors are industry professionals, and we studied a flexible training system to allow us to be always up to date with the latest trending technologies within the industry. 

Course Roadmap

Core Principles of 3D Design

Delve into the essentials of 3D design with these lessons that guides you from basic modeling and texturing to dynamic lighting and animation, preparing you for a future in digital art and design.

Getting Started 6 Min View Lesson
Introduction to 3D 18 Min View Lesson
3D Creative Process 24 Min View Lesson

Creating in 3D with Spline

Transform your creative concepts into a fully realised 3D environment, complete with dynamic lighting, textures, and animations, ready to be showcased and shared in an interactive online scene

Course Introduction 4 Min View Lesson
Basics of 3D Modeling 12 Min View Lesson
Model Detailing Techniques 13 Min View Lesson
Creating Basic Materials 12 Min View Lesson
Crafting Textures 13 Min View Lesson
Introduction to Lighting 10 Min View Lesson
Creating Animations and Interactions 12 Min View Lesson
Implementing Animations 10 Min View Lesson
Creating Particle Effects 10 Min View Lesson
Exporting 3D Scenes 8 Min View Lesson

Resources & Tips

Get access to bonus resources to help you better understand the world of 3D and Computer Graphics.

History of 3D 14 Min View Lesson
Recommended Hardware 5 Min View Lesson
3D Terminology Cheatsheet 6 Min View Lesson


Transform your 2D concepts into a dynamic 3D mini-world, demonstrating your grasp of 3D design basics, set for evaluation by our panel of industry experts.

How to Upload Homework 3 Min View Lesson
Homework Assignment 4 Min View Lesson

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