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Game Design & Development Playbook - Beginner's Guide

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Game Design & Development Playbook - Beginner's Guide

Free playbook that will introduce you to the exciting world of Game Design & Development, and help you start your journey to a creative career working in film.

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Game design and development combine creativity, technology, and storytelling in one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving industries in the world.

Start your journey with us today and we’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how games are crafted. You’ll see firsthand how game developers and designers transform abstract ideas into compelling gameplay experiences that captivate imaginations across the globe.

But here’s where it gets truly exciting: we’re thrilled to partner with Epic Games, a leader in the gaming industry, to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their studio and interviews with key staff. This unique lesson will provide invaluable insights and resources, fueling your passion for game design and development. Together, we’ll explore the fascinating world of creating games, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and innovation!

In this course, you’ll engage with industry professionals who will share insights about their careers, the breakthrough moments they’ve experienced, and the realities of working in the gaming industry. We’ll explore the diverse skill sets and software tools essential for crafting engaging games. Most importantly, we’ll empower you to dive into game design and development, enabling you to follow in the footsteps of countless successful members of The Rookies.

Additionally, this course includes a Digital Challenge, providing you with the opportunity to win significant prizes, including a scholarship for further education in games.

If you’re ready to explore your creative potential and start a career in game development, there’s no better place to begin than right here.

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Learning Outcomes

Understand Key Roles

You will learn about all the most important roles in Games, and which ones you are suited for the best.

Day in the life

Hear from members of The Rookies that have just started their career, and how they got their big break.

How to Start Learning

Find out the best way to start learning, and follow the proven footsteps taken by our members

Top Studios & Jobs

Discover which are the best companies to work with, and how to get noticed.

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes, and learn how video games are made, so you can impress your friends.

What Software to Learn First

Knowing what software to learn first will make sure you start on the right foot.

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Playbook - Game Development


Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald

Co-founder The Rookies

Andrew, Co-founder of The Rookies, spearheads all things design, technology, and operations with an entrepreneurial zeal that has profoundly shaped the company's trajectory. Since venturing into the visual effects and animation industries in 2002, he has cultivated a remarkable career, drawing upon his expertise as an Industrial Designer, Animatronics Specialist, and Full-Stack Web Developer.

His creative imprint extends to iconic films such as Transformers: Bumblebee, Happy Feet, Harry Potter (4/5/6/7), The LEGO Movie, Watchmen, Suckerpunch, The Chronicles of Narnia, and more. This illustrious filmography underscores Andrew's substantial impact within the industry. Notably, his innovative contributions have earned him recognition, including an Australian Design Award.

At The Rookies, Andrew is committed to bridging traditional education with the dynamic demands of the digital creative landscape, empowering the next generation for success.

Course Roadmap


Brief introduction from your instructor about how this Playbook will teach you everything you need to know about the Games industry.

What's this about? 6 Min View Lesson
What is Game Design & Development? 12 Min View Lesson

A Day in the Life

Takes a deep dive into what it’s like to work at a top Games Studios. You'll see firsthand how diversified and exciting the Games industry is these days.

A Day in the Life 78 Min View Lesson
Top Games Studios 4 Min View Lesson

How Games are Made

Comprehensive overview of game development basics. Learn the key elements involved in crafting engaging narratives, characters, worlds, and gameplay mechanics.

How Video Games are Made 40 Min View Lesson
Behind the Scenes 65 Min View Lesson

Tools of the Trade

Learn about which software and hardware is used by professional Game Developers. Find out which ones they love using the most every single day.

Software used by Professionals 23 Min View Lesson
Games CheatSheet 4 Min View Lesson
Challenge: Games Quiz 8 Min View Lesson

Rookie Stories

Hear from other creative people just like yourself that have been part of the The Rookies community, and gone on to launch their careers at studios all over the world.

Success Stories 22 Min View Lesson
Rookie All-Stars 8 Min View Lesson
Game Salaries 4 Min View Lesson

Related Creative Industries

Game Developer skills are completely transferable and related to other creative industries. Learn from professionals about how they transitioned their skills from Games into other industries.

Your Skills are in Demand 12 Min View Lesson
Should I pursue a Creative Career? 4 Min View Lesson

How to Learn Game Development

When you're new to the industry it can be tricky to know where to start learning, and to find good people. Learn how you can become a part of this community in the real world and online.

1. Join the Games Community 4 Min View Lesson
2. Learn 2D/3D Foundations 7 Min View Lesson
3. Play with Professional Software 12 Min View Lesson
4. Upskill with in-depth Courses 6 Min View Lesson

Games Challenge

It's time to get creative and share your vision for your future in the Games industry.

Digital Challenge Brief 4 Min View Lesson

Final Thoughts

A quick summary and overview of how far you've gone, and a bit of extra advice to make sure you're journey is full of success

That's a Wrap! 6 Min View Lesson

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