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Blender Bootcamp

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Blender Bootcamp

If you've ever dreamed of bringing your creative visions to life in three dimensions with Blender, this course is your gateway to unlocking that potential.

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Welcome to the immersive world of Blender, the ultimate tool for 3D creation, guided by Erick Uribe Sánchez, a celebrated digital artist from Mexico City, Mexico. If you’ve ever dreamed of transforming your creative visions into stunning three-dimensional artworks, this course will unlock your potential and empower you to master Blender, renowned as the Swiss Army knife of 3D software.

Erick Uribe Sánchez combines his rich expertise in digital art with a passion for teaching, making him the perfect guide to explore the extensive capabilities of Blender. From beginner concepts to advanced techniques, Erick’s course is meticulously designed to demystify Blender and unlock your creative potential.

Course Overview

Blender is favored globally by professionals in digital arts, game development, animation, and architecture for its versatility and comprehensive toolset. With its intuitive interface and expansive features, Blender serves as an accessible entry point for newcomers and a powerful suite for experienced artists.

What You Will Learn

  • 3D Modeling Foundations: Build a solid base in 3D modeling, starting from the fundamentals to more advanced structures.
  • Texturing and Materials: Learn to apply detailed textures and materials that bring your models to life with realism and flair.
  • Lighting and Rendering Techniques: Master sophisticated lighting and rendering techniques to enhance the visual impact of your projects.
  • Animation and Effects: Dive into Blender’s animation tools and effects to add motion and complexity to your creations.
  • Narrative and Scene Building: Develop the skills to construct engaging scenes with a narrative focus, enhancing the storytelling aspect of your artworks.

Beyond the Software

This course goes beyond technical skills, inspiring you to push creative boundaries and explore new artistic possibilities. Erick’s approach encourages innovation and experimentation, fostering an environment where you can grow as an artist.

Start Your Journey in 3D Art

Join us on this comprehensive journey into 3D creation with Blender. By the end of this course, you will not only be proficient with Blender but also capable of bringing intricate and emotive 3D art to life.

Embark on your creative adventure with Blender and Erick Uribe Sánchez. Transform your creative visions into reality and let your imagination flourish in three dimensions.

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Learning Outcomes

Explore the Versatility of Blender

Embark on your Blender journey and uncover the incredible potential of this 3D tool. Discover why Blender is the perfect starting point for learning 3D artistry.

Master Blender's Creative Canvas

Delve into the Blender interface, mastering its layout, menus, and tools. These essential skills will become your creative playground as you shape your 3D visions.

Craft 3D Objects with Precision

Learn the art of 3D modeling by creating the main console body. Develop proficiency in moving, rotating, and scaling objects, and explore advanced mesh editing tools for precision crafting.

Level Up Your 3D Modeling Skills

Dive deeper into the world of 3D modeling by crafting buttons, the D-Pad, and other intricate components. Gain insights into modeling techniques, Normals, and modifiers that will elevate your creations.

Illuminate Your 3D Scenes

Shed light on your projects with a comprehensive exploration of lighting techniques. Understand the principles of various light sources and cameras, creating visually stunning 3D scenes that captivate viewers.

Begin Your Journey as a 3D Artist

Congratulations on completing the Blender Bootcamp! With a strong foundation in Blender, you're now equipped to embark on your journey as a 3D artist, exploring limitless creative possibilities in the world of 3D artistry.

Badge: Blender Bootcamp

Micro-Credential Unlocked

This special badge is awarded to those who complete the Blender Bootcamp and pass all homework assignments. Earning this badge demonstrates your expertise and commitment to your professional development. Display it proudly on your Rookies profile to showcase your achievements and stand out from peers.

Blender Bootcamp


Erick Uribe Sánchez

Erick Uribe Sánchez

Digital Artist

I have been immersed my whole life in the complexity and joy of the creative media. From a really young age, I loved to draw; however, it wasn't until my college years that I realized how much I needed to be part of this industry.

Course Roadmap


Settle in to the course, meet your instructor, join the private server and get setup.

Introduction 6 Min View Lesson
Join Server 6 Min View Lesson
What is Blender? 6 Min View Lesson
Install & Setup 20 Min View Lesson

Console Game

Work through over 2 hours of video training and create your first photorealistic digital asset with Blender.

Console Body View Lesson
Screen & Screws View Lesson
The Crank View Lesson
Camera & Lighting View Lesson
First Materials View Lesson
Rendering View Lesson


Sometimes homework can actually be fun. Share what you've learned, create your own #RookiesConsole, and win big.

Homework Assignement 60 Min View Lesson

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