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Animation Bootcamp

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Animation Bootcamp

In this course, Roby Daly takes a closer look at each of the 12 animation principles. Once you understand these principles, you'll be able to take your motion work to the next level.

18 Lessons
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90 Min


Welcome to the Comprehensive Animation Bootcamp, where you’ll master the timeless “12 Principles of Animation” that have shaped the world of motion-based media since their codification by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in the 1981 classic, The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation. These principles continue to influence animation and design, maintaining their relevance in the industry nearly four decades later.

Understanding the 12 Principles: These foundational concepts are not just historical footnotes but active tools used daily in studios and classrooms worldwide. Despite technological advancements and evolving creative techniques, these principles remain integral to modern animation practices, evident in everything from blockbuster movies to intricate web designs.

Meet Your Instructor: Roby Daly

Robyn Daly, Co-Head of Animation at Mann Made, brings her extensive expertise and passion for visual storytelling to guide you through each principle with practical insights and applications. Known for her dynamic teaching style and deep industry knowledge, Robyn will help you elevate your animation skills swiftly and effectively.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Animation Principles: Overview of the 12 principles and their historical significance.
  • Squash and Stretch: Learn how to apply this principle to give a sense of weight and flexibility to your animated objects.
  • Anticipation and Staging: Techniques to prepare the audience for action and present it in the most impactful way.
  • Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose: Explore these contrasting approaches to animation to find your style.
  • Follow Through and Overlapping Action: Master these techniques to bring more realism to your animations.
  • Slow In and Slow Out: Control the timing of your animations for smoother action sequences.
  • Arcs, Secondary Action, and Timing: Learn how these principles interplay to create natural and engaging animations.
  • Exaggeration, Solid Drawing, and Appeal: Add personality and style to make your animations stand out.

Practical Assignments and Feedback

Throughout this course, you will undertake various animation exercises that apply these principles. Each lesson culminates in a practical assignment that will be critiqued by Robyn, receiving a pass or fail grade to ensure mastery. You are encouraged to resubmit until you pass, ensuring a thorough understanding of each principle.

Certification and Portfolio Enhancement

Upon successfully passing all lessons, you will earn the 12 Principles of Animation Badge, a distinguished recognition of your skills. This badge will be added to your portfolio to showcase your expertise to potential employers and collaborators.

Join our Animation Bootcamp and transform your understanding and execution of animation. Start your journey with Robyn Daly and unlock the full potential of these fundamental animation principles to create captivating, professional-grade animations.

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Learning Outcomes

Learn the 12 Principles of Animation

Become proficient with demonstrating your understanding of animation skills needed for production environments.

Create dynamic animations

Take your animation skills to the next level with dynamic poses and performances.

Level up your animation portfolio

Create animation projects for your portfolio and build out a well rounded and professional showcase.

Animation reviewed by Industry Pros

Get your work reviewed and approved by industry experts. Build your confidence by knowing that you have got what it takes.

Badge: Animation Bootcamp

Micro-Credential Unlocked

This special badge is awarded to those who complete the 12 Principles of Animation Bootcamp and pass all homework assignments. Earning this badge demonstrates your expertise and commitment to your professional development. Display it proudly on your Rookies profile to showcase your achievements and stand out from peers.

Animation Bootcamp


Robyn Daly

Robyn Daly

Animation Co-HoD

Robyn is a South African 3D generalist, illustrator and motion graphics designer and currently an HoD of an Animation and VFX department at a media and events company. She runs a Youtube channel giving advice and tips to aspiring animators. She has 10 years experience in the industry, having worked on a variety of projects from VFX, 3d and 2d animations, games, commercials, apps and virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Course Roadmap


Quick introduction to the animation course to make sure you are ready, and understand how to submit homework assignments

Welcome 3 Min View Lesson
How to upload homework 5 Min View Lesson

Chapter One

During this first section we will cover Squash and Stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose

Video Lesson - Theory 12 Min View Lesson
Squash and Stretch 6 Min View Lesson
Anticipation 4 Min View Lesson
Staging 5 Min View Lesson
Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose 9 Min View Lesson

Chapter Two

During this second chapter we will cover Follow Through and Overlapping Action, Slow In and Slow Out, Arcs, Secondary Action.

Video Lesson - Theory 12 Min View Lesson
Follow Through and Overlapping Action 9 Min View Lesson
Slow In and Slow Out 5 Min View Lesson
Arcs 9 Min View Lesson
Secondary Action 12 Min View Lesson

Chapter Three

During this second chapter we will cover Timing, Exaggeration, Solid Drawing and Appeal.

Video Lesson - Theory 12 Min View Lesson
Timing 9 Min View Lesson
Exaggeration 8 Min View Lesson
Solid Drawing 7 Min View Lesson
Appeal 11 Min View Lesson


Discover the best free rigs from The Rookies are other providers.

Best 3D Rigs 8 Min View Lesson

Start your journey

Start your journey with Animation Bootcamp!

Join our vibrant community and elevate your skills from beginner to professional with our Animation Bootcamp course. Experience engaging learning modules crafted to help you advance confidently in your creative journey.