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2020/2021 Showcase

2020/2021 Showcase

All of the projects are created during my second year of University studying Game Development: Art

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Teen Bedroom

For this project I chose to create a 3D environment in Unreal Engine 4. 

This scene showcases the chaotic living environment of a teenage girl with a burning passion for composing music in her free time outside of studies.

Catwoman's Apartment

Second-year University project for my Environment Art module.

The brief was to recreate a scene from a movie or tv series in Unreal Engine. I chose to model Catwoman’s Apartment from Batman Returns.

Softwares used:

- Modelling- Maya 2020, Zbrush 2019

- Cloth/fabric simulation- Marvelous Designer

- Tileable materials- Substance Designer 

- Asset texturing- Substance Painter

- Rendering- Unreal Engine 4

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