Dark Side

Dark Side

by oanapascari on 23 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I am Oana Pascari and I am a Game Art student from Falmouth University. This is my entry for the Rookies Awards in which you can find a selection of my 2D work, including concept art , splash art , fan art and illustration.

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Goblin queen Madelyne Pryor- Marvel Comics Splash Art

Chandra Nalaar Fan Art Illustration

Fantasy Nefertiti Concept 

Fantasy Aztec Power-up & weapon dispenser Concept

 Crystal Gold Snake Sword Concept

Mutant Concept- Playing with textures

Medusa Illustration

World of Warcraft inspired illustration, soft fabric study that I did 2 years ago back when I started learning Photoshop. This  was the first drawing I was proud of and I thought that would be worth having it here. This is a study, therefore the concept is from W.O.W.

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