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Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Eldar Seydamet
by eldarsey on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my pre-mentorship term project I worked on over 16 weeks. I started with reference gathering, scene pitching, and worked in passes until completion. I want to thank my supervisor Jason Gullion, family and friends for supporting me. Special thanks to Adar Bronstein, Kay Volbeda, Julian Rabe and Nikhil Kedige.

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"You're sitting in a cafe, a guy comes up and says: "Hey, I bet you can't make it to Milly's Cafe and back before Shake, Rattle and Roll plays!". He flips ten bucks on the table and if you're back before that song plays - you pick up your ten bucks. And that's cafe bikes. And that's cafe racing."

Based on Bike Shed MC in London, UK. This is a club for cafe racer styled motorcycles enthusiasts. 

The back wall with exit, motorcycle display and mudded drywall were not part of the reference, I had to come up with this part of the building to contrast the density of the rest of the store. 

Helmet display shelves also were not part of the reference. I wanted to have something to stand out on the other end of the store.

Detail lighting pass.

Some of the wall and floor materials I worked on in Substance Designer.

I wanted to get as close as possible to the reference, where the floor looked more reflective and desaturated in a distance and at an angle. I utilized the camera position fade and Fresnel as a mask to control this effect in engine.

The scene was packed with assets, so I had to reuse and optimize as much as possible.

High poly helmets.

Some modularity and UV set blending examples.

Instead of manually placing all the clothing meshes, I decided to make a blueprint that would take care of that. To make the rack look a little more natural I added some distance and rotation randomization, as well as a random 180 axis flip with a random Boolean bias adjustment.

Once again, to speed up and optimize my workflow, instead of sculpting each one of the furniture pieces, I decided to make a Designer material and use it in multiple assets. Using the texture height, I displaced the mesh in Maya and retopologized the surface to capture the form and reduce triangle count.

Concave and convex chesterfield material variations.

Furniture examples using the Designer material.

Lastly, I would like to present the hero prop of the scene - Honda CX650 Cafe Racer.

Headlight shader look in Unreal Engine.

80 Level and Arti Sergeev gave me an opportunity to talk in depth on the bike creation process.
You will find details on carpaint and headlight shaders, texturing, baking and modeling here.

High poly.

And that's all the parts :)

This project was a great opportunity to learn new things. One of them was project management and organization. I used Miro board to break down, organize and plan things.


Thanks for looking :) Cheers!

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